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Newest Features Community Group Report 23 September 2020

Editor: Dvorak, Rachel

Authors: Smith, Sheri CTO Total Network Service, Inc.

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Introduction of Added Features to the TNS Blockchain

Introducing TNS Blockchain cloud services. Industry leading data network capable of providing a variety of network proptocols and geographical locations witin the TNS Cloud Infrastructure.
A blockchain allowing data to be stored globally and securely on thousands of servers in near real time.

Table of Contents

  1. Testimonials
  2. Affiliates Plus
  3. Product/Addon Images
  4. Profile Photo
  5. Client Username

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Introduction of Added Features to the TNS Blockchain

TNS Blockchain allows data to be stored globally securely on thousands of servers in near real time. It holds transactional records, ensures security, decentralization, and ensures transparency. Deploy your blockchain service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance cloud platform, and benefit from its high reliability, security, and enterprise feature set.

1. TNS Blockchain Testimony

A new feature that is very beneficial is our new testimony section. This allows our clients to add value to our products and services by providing their feedback. This, in turn, allows us to improve upon our products. You will find our newest testimonials first. Any person visiting our website can look at not only our products, but can now view the testimonies from clients.

2.TNS Blockchain Liaison Affiliate

Affiliates now are able to see when they have a commission on a sale. They have the option to add their client PayPal account to receive payments. By offering affiliates in TNS Blockchain, we are not only creating excitement by offering seekers of affiliate programs something new to share to their userbase, we are also indirectly expanding our own potential userbase.

3. Product Model Image

With everything continuing to move forward online, pictures allow clients to visually see a product they will never physically feel in their hands. It enhances the client's perception of the product by providing the client with a greater sense of security, especially when the product is intangible.

4. TNS Blockchain Client Photo

Photos are worth a thousand words. We want to know our customers and who we are communicating with. So many products have navigated to online only, photos add a more personable feel. Clients have 3 ways to add a photo. The first way is to use the Gravatar service. The second way is to upload a photo from their computer. The third way is by using a hosted photo, which can be accessed via a URL.

5. TNS Blockchain Client Username

Clients can now either sign in using an email or username. The benefits of adding a username to sign in with includes giving the client another alternative in case they forget their email address or change it. Clients often times find themselves having to request their sign in information, so we have made it easier for clients to remember their information with this added option of a username, instead of just an email sign in. Clients can change their usernames for any reason. We also added the benefit of allowing special characters in their username to make it a more unique username.

Please check out our newest features on TNS Blockchain.

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